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Graham Sutherland - Bees Portfolio

Sutherland created this portfolio in 1976/1977 - a set of 12 aquatints reflecting various aspects of the lifecycle of Bees. Each print demonstrates Sutherlands mastery of the medium. The sets have often been broken and sold individually - it is rare to find a full set. Rarer still is an unmounted / unframed full set in near mint condition in the original box with accompanying inserts, as we have here at Modern British Prints.

Terry Frost - Trewellard Suns, Untitled 03

If you're looking for a striking, unique Terry Frost at an affordable price, then Trewellard Suns - Untitled 03 is worth a look. The central Orange / Black 'sun' is a linocut print. To this, Terry Frost has added watercolour, in this case Green and Blue. 40 of these, plus 5 artists proofs, were made - with the watercolour variations making each one unique. Lower numbers in the series tend to be painted with Green and Yellow. The higher ones with Blue and Green. For me the higher numbered, darker blue variants are the most attractive. This example is one of the very highest numbered (#39) and darkest. A magnificent piece.


Patrick Caulfield - Interior Morning

A classic Caulfield image - solid slabs of colour making for a very striking print. Very hard to obtain - and even harder in this excellent condition. One of the numbered edition of 100, with others from this edition held in important collections -  the Tate and Victoria & Albert museums both have one of these.

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